About Us

Duroshox is situated in Pune, India (about 160 kms / 100 miles from the Mumbai port), Duroshox began business in 1987 as an ancillary to various large OEMs. Pune is the engineering hub and the automotive capital of India and houses plants of several manufacturers.

The company continued to expand and now caters to requirements of leading equipment and vehicle manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers in India, Europe and USA. With over 500+ people at Duroshox, we have the talent and team to provide a solution for many of our customer's engineering products requirements.

The company believes in action. For the sake of timely accomplishment, the people at Duroshox are ever willing to walk that extra mile with a single focus of serving their customers better. Duroshox is an ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified company.

The company has two plants in Pune, India.

Plant 1 produces shock absorbers, dampers, gas springs, industrial shock absorbers, and front forks.

Plant 2 DURO TECHNOLOGIES produces stamping, metal formed parts, seating suspensions, slide and track mechanisms, tubular frames and other fabricated assemblies. This plant also supplies other specialized engineering components.

Duroshox believes that a good, "Best-Fit Solution" is the most effective way to generate value for each client and sustain value over time. We achieve this through rapid product development cycles, controlled processes and creativity in engineering.

Duroshox has a vast repertoire of engineering products, services and processes for different applications. Duroshox's capabilities in engineering, development and improvements in production efficiency have led to the company becoming a key supplier OEMs worldwide.

Please explore our capabilities and products details to know more about our company and how we may be a partner to you.