Human Capital & Career

The company's internal structure is designed to focus on its key functions: production, quality assurance, finance, administration, corporate management, sales and global marketing. The firm's work force comprises of over 500+ individuals working with a common goal of continuous improvement & constantly striving to exceed customer expectations.
The people in our organization are the key to innovation and success. Just as we are dedicated to growing our business, we are dedicated to growing their careers with training & development opportunities.

Duroshox lays major emphasis on quality systems and is a Kaizen practicing company. If you're looking foward to work in a dynamic, challenging environment, drop us a line. We are looking for people who have a sound knowledge of engineering and understand the latest concepts in manufacturing.

Working with the Duroshox team will provide you intellectual stimulation, and allow you to learn things quickly by taking up major responsibilities. Bring your talents, ambition and a willingness to work hard.

We will provide training, challenging assignments, an array of business tools, and opportunities for advancement. Together, these qualities add up to rewarding careers at an organization dedicated to growth, innovation and customer satisfaction.

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