IT System

The drive for global reach and expansion of business triggered the need of a very sophisticated ERP system which could manage the processes and turn inefficiencies into opportunities. Duroshox started its journey towards implementing a comprehensive ERP system with a team of 16 people in September 2008 along with the implementation partners KPIT Cummins.

The implementation journey was completed successfully in March 2009 and Duroshox started sensing the benefits almost immediately. The SAP implementation at Duroshox has helped improve visibility into operations and provide business information for improved decision making. A connection point was established between operations and the management strategy which not only improved the financial reports across the organization but also aligned the business processes to the overall company strategy.

Due to the integration of various functions like Sales, Operations, Quality, Materials, Logistics and Finance , the process integrity across the organization was enhanced thereby increasing the business and IT efficiency. The SAP implementation ensured compliance and predictability of business performance. Additionally, our financial controllers could get a deeper insight across the enterprise and could tighten control of finances.

Every employee can now readily access the critical data, applications and analytical tools they need to perform on their duties thereby ensuring increased effectiveness and efficiency.

The ERP System manages end to end procurement and logistics business process for the complete business cycle. This solution has automated the entire manufacturing process and reduced costs by controlling and adapting the manufacturing process in real time. It has also increased customer satisfaction. Duroshox hopes to further leverage Information Technology in our enterprise in order to fuel continuous progress and profitable growth.