Manufacturing Process

The plants follow lean manufacturing systems and cellular manufacturing. The layout has been designed through value stream mapping and with an aim to achieve the best floor space utilization. The company has worked extensively with the Kaizen Institute since 2001 to maximize production efficiency and has deployed tools such as Single Minute exchange of Dies (SMED), Just in Time (JIT), Error Proofing (Poka Yoke) and Statistical Controls over a number of years.

In order to generate maximum value and optimize costs, the plant carries out a variety of operations in house.

Manufacturing Facilities

The company carries out a variety of processes which include:

Plant 1

Resistance Welding: Projection Welding And Seam Welding, Mig / Mag Welding
Automated Hard Chrome Plating With SCADA System
Burnishing And Superfinishing
Assembly Of Shock Absorbers, Dampers And Gas Springs
CNC Machine

Plant 2

Robotic Welding
Manual Welding
Conveyorized Powder Coating With Pre-Treatment

The manufacturing facilities include various special purpose machines in addition to the above.


Duroshox has been accredited with ISO 9001:2000 & ISO/TS-16949:2002 certification and has a goal to achieve “0” PPM (parts per million) of product failure.

Weld Analysis Lab as per ASTM Standards
Profile Projector
Damping Testers
Endurance Testers
Vibration Analysis For Industrial Applications
Seat Slide Endurance And Fatigue Test Equipment
Contamination Test Equipment (Millipore Testing)
Spring Testing Machine
Digital Microscope