Shock Absorbers

We have made rapid progress and development in the design & manufacture of different types of Shock Absorbers at Duroshox to cater to the requirements of various clients in different industries all over world. Check out the latest in shock, vibration isolation and motion control products.

Our range of shock absorbers includes scooter shock absorbers, motorcycle shock absorbers, moped shock absorbers, three wheeler and mini four wheeler shock absorbers, dampers, seating shock absorbers, dashpots, front forks and industrial shock absorbers.

  • Two & Three Wheeler Shock Absorbers
  • Mini Car Shock Absorbers
  • Shock Absorbers of other designs Seating shock absorbers
  • Industrial Applications

Two & Three Wheeler Shock Absorbers

The company has over 25 types of motor cycles shock absorbers under its belt which are used for motor cycles from 100 cc and onwards. Below are some of the photographs of motor cycle shock absorbers manufactured by Duroshox.
Motorcyclists these days expect consistently good vibration damping from our high performance scooter shock absorbers in all ride situations. Duroshox manufactures various scooter and motorcycle shock absorbers in the mono tube as well as twin tube designs which completely focus towards rider comfort.
Our range of shock absorbers includes front mono shocks and rear twin tube shocks for smaller scooters (50 CC) to the large two wheelers (500 CC) & three wheeler applications.

Mini Car Shock Absorbers

The company has developed shock absorbers for mini four wheeled applications. Some of these are shown in photographs below:

Shock Absorbers Of Other Designs - Seating Shocks

Duroshox manufactures shock absorbers that are used in industrial applications. These applications range from Seats, Door closures, machine tools, Industrial switches etc. We also take up customized development for industrial shock absorbers to match any specific performance requirements that our customers may have.

Industrial Applications

These shock absorbers / dashpots are used in electricity transmission systems. Duroshox has a long experience in manufacturing such shock absorbers and also has all inhouse testing equipments for these shocks.